September 30, 2005:  Eight of the 9 puppies go home this weekend!  The 10 weeks since their birth has in many ways been both the longest and shortest 10 weeks of our lives.  We have grown to love all 9 of these puppies, and we hate the thought of saying goodbye.  But the last week or so we have also seen that each of these puppies needs more attention, and is looking for more time from us, more time than we can possibly give to a litter of 9.  So, it is the right time, we look forward to meeting all the individuals we have talked to on the phone and communicated with through 10s if not 100s of e-mails.  Early this morning, all 9 collars are waiting for us.  The big weekend is here, the Puppies are Going Home!
9 Collars











Mr. Light Blue goes home first.  Mr. Light Blue is the only puppy that we are shipping via air.  The rest of the owners are flying to Minneapolis to pick up their puppies, and are planning to "carry on" their puppies in the cabin.  Mr. Light Blue has a direct flight from Minneapolis to Pittsburg.  Linda and I found out just how hard it is going to be to say goodbye.  Mr. Light Blue was the hit of the Northwest VIP shipping facility, everyone wanted a chance to pet him and asked again and again, "what kind of dog is he?".  We called Sharon as soon as the paperwork was complete and we handed Mr. Light Blue over to Northwest Airlines.  Sharon called us back as she heard Flashback's Handy Man - Painter barking as his crate came down the hall just a couple of hours later.                       


This is what I saw as I walked down the stairs early this morning.  It's been weeks since the puppies have all slept together, but here are 8 of the 9 sleeping in a pile of pups.  The 9th puppy heard me coming, and left the pile and was walking over to the side of the x-pen to say "good morning" to me.  It' s like they knew this was their last evening to sleep together. 










































































It's been a great day getting to know each other and playing with the puppies.  It was an amazing day, as everyone arrived, each of the puppies seemed to know who they belonged to.  Puppies are puppies, and they loved playing in the back yard and the wading pool, but when they needed a rest, each of the puppies wandered back to their owners!  And, everyone took turns playing with Mr. Purple (Jack is due here tomorrow afternoon).  Kona, Meg and Snicker also thank everyone who took time to play with them.
























Heather could not stand to leave Mr. Orange with the other puppies over night.  She was flying back to Washington in the morning and she spent the night at the hotel with Flashback's Paint it Black - Mick















Sharon also had an early flight out.  She took Mr. Yellow to his very first night in a hotel.  Sharon reported back that Mr. Yellow was very well behaved, and she had a great first night with Flashback's Sweet Talkin' Guy - Boone.

6 Collars

4 Collars


Sunday, October 2, 2005:  This morning started early with Sue and Dick arriving at 4:30am to pick up Mr. Red. 










Heather and Sheila came back here around 7:30a so that Sheila could pick up Mr. Royal Blue.  As we watched Sheila walk to the car with Flashback's Moon River - Rio, that puppy looked “so right”, so at home. 

As they walked in the house, Mr. Red ran over to the side of the pen to greet them.  The 3 other pups lifted their heads with a “it’s too early to get up” look on their faces.  By 4:45a, they were off to the airport.  Dick and Sue have an armful with Flashback's Poetry in Motion - Strider. 














It’s been a very emotional weekend, it’s been sad to see the puppies go.  But Linda and I are thrilled to have met everyone.  We know Snicker’s puppies all are in great homes!  We can already see the incredible bond these puppies have built with their owners! 


              Good Luck to all!!!

Jack arrived at our house this afternoon.  Jack met Miss Pink, Mr. Purple and Meg, Kona and Snicker.  Snicker's new found barking habit seemed to get much worse now that only 2 puppies remain.  We hope Jack's ears aren't permanently damaged by the barking!  We spent a few hours getting to know Jack and talking about the puppies and specifically Mr. Purple. 



Monday, October 3, 2005:  7 Puppies are gone.  Miss Pink and Mr. Purple are left.  That fact sure sunk in when we looked down into the puppy pen, and had to look to find the puppies! 

























Miss Pink, Mr. Purple and Grandson Brandon










Jack came back early Monday to pick up Mr. Purple and head to the airport for his flight back to Virginia with Flashbacks Blazin Ring of Fire - Ringo.







It is very warm today.  We decide to get out the wading pool and see if the puppies are interested in swimming.  At first they all stand around the pool wondering what to do next.  Then Snicker rushes over, does a belly flop as she jumps into the pool and swishes her face in the water.  She jumps out, and all the puppies jumped in!  A fun time is had by all. 






We've decided to keep Miss Pink.  She has really won our hearts and we look forward to many years of her friendship and love.  We'd like to introduce the newest member of our family, Miss Pink, Flashback Crazy for Loving You - Patsy




Bessie and Randy arrived late morning to pick up Mr. Green.  Bessie and Randy live in Streamwood, IL, about a 6 hour drive from Minneapolis.  They left home early Friday morning and drove back with Flashback's Silver Hammer - Max Friday afternoon.
Mr. Stars was the next to go home.  Mr. Stars is going to live here in Minneapolis.  Marlene picked up Mr. Stars and drove off to meet her husband Bob for a weekend at the lake, a great first weekend with Flashback's Light My Fire - Parker.


Sue and Dick arrived at our house Friday afternoon.  They met Mr. Red, their new puppy, as well as the remaining 6 puppies, Meg Kona and mom Snicker. 

Saturday, October 1, 2005Today will be a very busy day!  We start the day with 6 puppies, and expect the owners of 4 of the puppies to visit today to meet and play with the new additions to their families.  Sue and Dick will return today to play with Mr. Red, Sheila will meet and play with Mr. Royal Blue, Heather will finally get to meet and hold Mr. Orange and Sharon will meet and play with Mr. Yellow. 



















2 Collars
Saturday, October 1, 2005, 10:00pm:  The evening was winding down.  We went to dinner together.  Afterwards we were just sitting and standing around the puppy pen watching the puppies when we all witnessed an amazing scene.  Snicker jumped into the puppy pen and laid down in the middle, surrounded by the puppies.  She never did that before.  Snicker leaned over to one of the puppies and she and that puppy "talked" to each other for 20 - 30 seconds.  The other puppies never moved, they just waited until it was their turn for Snicker's last minute instructions.  She spent the time with each puppy laying in the circle around her.  After "talking" to the last puppy, she stood up, and jumped out of the puppy pen.  We were all in awe of the very special time we had just experienced as Snicker said goodbye to each of the puppies.





1 Collar
Linda recieved a beautiful denim shirt from Heather.  There is a proud liver flatcoat above the front pocket and across the top of the back are 9 puppies, 4 liver, 5 black, each with the appropriate color ribbon collar.  Thank you Heather!









Introducing the Flashback Litter!
Flashback Flat-Coated Retrievers