Flashback's Paint It Black CGC

December 2005

Mick's first professional portrait, taken the first week in October. 

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                                                       Okay, my Mom thought the hat was cute, I thought it was embarrassing.                                                           I wanted to wish a very Merry Christmas to all my brothers, my sister and my mom!


November 2005





Mick's First Trip to the Beach on the Oregon Coast


Mick and Rio's Visit

Are they here yet?


They are here!


I remember you!



Give me the stick

OK, I'll share

Don't we look handsome?

Mick and Rio

Do these big dogs play?



Introducing the Flashback Litter!

October 2005









Kilo, Mick and Kalvin



Mick, Heather and Denali

Mick and Rio



Denali learns patience

Cole and Mick