Mick 2005

Introducing the Flashback Litter!

Flashback Flat-Coated Retrievers

Flashback's Paint It Black RN CGC


December 2006


November 2006

Mick, Heather and family spent Thanksgiving in Montana.  Mick enjoyed the snow!


October 2006

Happy Halloween!!  I wish you were all here to chase off all of the freaky monsters that keep showing up at my door, and Mom keeps giving them stuff!  Now I am in trouble because Joey (dory little brother) climbed in the toy box, I can't help it if I thought he was a toy!  It was an easy mistake to make. You are supposed to squeak toys right?! 

September 2006

Mick (Winner's Dog) and Heather at the Longview-Kelso Kennel Club show

August 2006

Mick and his little brother Joey!

July 2006


Cole, Mick and Tasia

June 2006

Mick and Kilo

Mick, Tasia and Kilo


May 2006

Finally, off the leash!

  Mick in the Siskyou Mountains

Check out Mick, Heather and the other Flashback puppies at the National Flat-Coated Retriever Specialty in St. Louis!

    2006 Flat-Coated Retriever National Specialty    

April 2006

Kal, Kilo and Mick

Mick LOVES to swim and retrieve!

Kilo and Mick


Is Mick helping Kilo or
is Kilo helping Mick?


March 2006

Mick at the Peninsula Dog Fanciers' Club show in Bremerton, WA


February 2006

Mick and Rio's Playdate



Mick with ribbons from his first weekend show, a blue ribbon
from the 6-9 month class and Reserve Winners Dog!

Cindy and Mick


January 2006