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December 2011

9 1/2 Month Pictures

September 2011

We spent the last week of September in Northern Wisconsin,
North Lakeland Ski Trails, Manitowish Waters, WI. 

On one of our walks we came across a large rock,
great opportunity for pictures of Onyx and Reese!


"Seriously, does she have to lean on me???", Onyx

"Should we both look over here?"

"Or here?"

"Or here?"

"Oh, you want us to look at the photographer, why didn't you just ask?"

Reese says, "Follow me Onyx!"

Onyx says, "Follow me Reese!"

"Last one back is a rotten egg!"

August 2011

Reese's first experience in the show ring at the Upper Midwest Flat-Coated Retriever Club Supported Entry!

"I'm starting to understand what to do, this is fun!"

June 2011

We spent a week in late June in Northern Minnesota.  This was Reese's first chance to swim and retrieve bumpers, she loved it!
These pictures taken on One Pine Lake, Superior National Forest, St. Louis County, MN.

"What are you supposed to do with these rubber things?"

"OH, I get it!"


Reese "dunks" her head as she grabs the bumper.


This was our first trip with all the dogs in the Motor Home.  Reese patiently waits for her biscuit. 
Snicker and Onyx realize that outside time is relaxation time.  Reese has not learned that yet.


Reese, 16 1/2 weeks

Reese, 15 weeks

May 2011

Reese, 13 weeks

Reese and Onyx never seem to tire of playing


Reese found a shovel just her size,

she wants to help out in the flower gardens

                Here I come!


Reese, 11 weeks

"Onyx, I know it is mine, it's pink!!!"

"I can help, when can I go fishing???"


"Playing makes me tired"

April 2011

"I love metal spoons!"

Reese was here

"I love naps!"

Reese enjoys wings, and says, "even goose wings aren't too big!" 

"Can't wait to meet the whole bird!"

"I didn't know bumpers had wings too"

"Mine, all mine!"

When Onyx is in his crate, we keep Reese out, so that Onyx has a place to go to get away from little Miss persistent Reese. 
Today Reese was in the crate and Onyx joined her for some quality nap time!

Reese and Onyx sharing an antler

Time for a nap with my head resting
on the shelf of the computer desk


Nap time


Easter was a Spectacular Spring day here in Minneapolis, amazing how Snicker has accepted Reese after just 4 days

Reese, 9 weeks

Reese and Onyx have quickly become best buddies!


Welcome home Reese!

Reese did not like the view from inside the Sherpa bag, where is the window?
"Now I can see what is going on!" Family Sherpa bag bites the dust

Reese's 1st Steps in Minnesota!


Yes, Minnesota has sticks!!!

My 1st Minnesota State Park visit

"They come in brown???"


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