Flashback Crazy for Loving You-Patsy

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Flashback Flat-Coated Retrievers

The 2005 Flashback Litter!

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September 2009


May 2009


Looks like Patsy's puppies may just barely "start out" with enough toys!!!


April 2009

  Patsy, 7 weeks pregnant  

Puppies are due 5/20.  Patsy is looking great!


March 2009

So as I sat here reading, I look over on the couch beside me and see the cutest thing.  It reminds me of the puppies curled together in the whelping box etc. Now here they are 3 years later and it is no different, they are just bigger. J  How did these two live without each other for 3 years?

2005 Litter, Week 10


Patsy and Mick, sis makes the best pillow!

February 2009


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