Flashback's Paint It Black - Mick

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Flashback Flat-Coated Retrievers

Introducing the Flashback Litter!

Mick 2008

2007 Mick

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May 2009

Uncle Mick, watching over sis Patsy's week old puppies

April 2009

Patsy, are you sure it's OK for
pregnant dogs to go swimming?

What kind of dog toy is this???


Busted, I'm not supposed to
be on the trampoline



March 2009

So as I sat here reading, I look over on the couch beside me and see the cutest thing.  It reminds me of the puppies curled together in the whelping box etc. Now here they are 3 years later and it is no different, they are just bigger. J  How did these two live without each other for 3 years?

2005 Litter, Week 10


Patsy and Mick, sis makes the best pillow!

Mick and Sheila FrogDog! Mick Playing with Velvet

February 2009



Mick 2008

Mick 2007

Mick 2006

Mick 2005