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September 2009


Check out Kona's video!  Thanks to Chris and Linda for running Kona.  My knee was not up to running him, so I had a chance to take pictures and video.  My knee surgery is next week Tuesday, hopefully a quick recovery.


Minnesota Mixed Breed Club NADAC Trial

Can you tell that Kona does not like to knock bars???  He's a vet running skilled, so he only needs to jump 12", but before he was a vet he used to clear 20" jumps by just about the same amount.  In all the years I've run Kona, both in trails and classes, I can remember him knocking only 3 bars. 

June 2009

We spent the week of June 15th vacationing in Ely, MN.  Ely is approximately 270 miles north of the Twin Cities, on the edge of the world famous
Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW).  The BWCAW is more than one million acres of wilderness and waterways
located in the heart of Superior National Forest.  Located along the Canadian border, the BWCAW is the largest wilderness preserve east of the Rocky Mountains.  

The Ely area is blessed with access to more than 5,000 lakes, streams and rivers in northeastern Minnesota. 
Ely is also home to the International Wolf Center, North American Bear Center, Soudan Underground Mine and the Dorothy Molter Museum (the “root beer lady”). 

The air is clear, the water pure, the woods are inspiring, the sights breathtaking, and the night sky is bright with millions of stars.
And, the dogs loved the swimming!!!

If you are in the neighborhood, we highly recommend lunch at the Chocolate Moose, great sandwiches and desserts (try one of the pies)!

Pictures taken at White Iron, Farm and Garden Lakes, Ely MN

Kona likes to fish almost as much as I do.  If you Google "fish finder", I doubt that you'd find a link to Kona's page,
but he is convinced that if he looks into the water long enough, he will be able to find fish!


"Where are the fish?"

"Do we have to duck?"

"Steady as she goes!"

February 2009