Flashback Flat-Coated Retrievers


Introducing the 2008 Flashback Litter!


Flashback Litter Puppy Pages Overview



July 16, 2008 – The first of the puppies goes home today! 
All the puppies in this litter have great personalities and quite honestly have been fairly easy to raise,
but the overwhelming majority of that responsibility has fallen on Linda’s shoulders since I am still recovering
from my broken back.  I’ll never forget the date these puppies were born, it’s the same date I came home from the
acute rehab hospital, 7 weeks and 2 days after my back injury.  I’m certainly stronger now than 9 weeks ago,
I’ve given up my walker and now walk with a cane.  But, I am still restricted from bending to the floor and
picking up any significant weight.  Think about those restrictions and raising a litter of puppies. 
Linda has had to do double duty (or more likely 100x duty), and she did a great job!!! 

But, it is now time for the Puppies to Go Home!!!


July 16, 2008 - Miss Liver gets to go home first! 
Miss Liver is staying in Minnesota, she will be living in
St. Cloud, MN, approximately 90 miles from Prior Lake. 
Miss Liver is going to live with Sara.  Sara is an experienced
flat-coat owner, and Miss Liver is going to be joining
a household with both a black and liver adult flat-coat. 
She will feel right at home.  Sara spent a couple of hours
with all the puppies before leaving to go home with
Flashback One Toke Over the Line – “Toke”! 

Check out Toke’s experiences on her Toke’s Tails blog at http://tokestails.blogspot.com/.

How weird is this, only black puppies!


July 18, 2008 – The next puppy to go home went home
in style.  It’s a long story but bottom line is that
Miss Pink’s new owner Bill ended up hitching a ride
from Minneapolis to home (Mt. Pleasant, MI) on the
corporate jet of one of the companies that he works with. 
I guess Bill did not have to worry about the puppy
and Sherpa bag weighing more than 15 pounds! 
We enjoyed meeting Bill, and Miss Pink really bonded
with Bill as soon as they met.  Bill has lots planned with
Flashback Sail on Sailor – “Teak”!


Miss Yellow got to meet her new owners Friday night
as Catherine and Jim arrived from Vancouver, WA. 
Catherine and Jim have a 6 year old son, Andrew.  
Andrew has been anxiously waiting for the time for the
Puppies to Go Home.  Lots of extended family lives in
the area, we have no doubt there will be plenty of
spoiling going on in the Northwest.  Catherine and Jim
live not far from Heather and Sheila….4 Flashback puppies
in the state of Washington, now there’s a trip just begging
to be planned!!  Catherine and Jim came back on Saturday morning to pick up Miss Yellow and head to the airport with Flashback Dancing in the Moonlight – “Luna”!


July 27, 2008 - Today is the day Miss Blue goes home. 
Miss Blue is going to live in Johnson Creek, WI,
about half way between Milwaukee and Madison on I-94. 
Cindy and Jim also own a place on a beautiful chain of lakes
in Northern Wisconsin.  I'm sure Miss Blue will have
plenty of opportunities to go swimming.  After visiting
for a few hours visit Cindy and Jim headed east with
Flashback Dream Weaver - "Izzie"!


Mr. Green is staying with us in Prior Lake.  OK, excuse
the poor photography (it is poor photography, I don't really look like that, do I???).  You can see my wireless shutter release in my hand, all 3 of us are looking at the blinking
red light.  Mr. Green didn't seem to have any problem, I on the other hand . . .  Yes, that is me with my back brace
and my external bone growth stimulator machine
(yes it sounds like witchcraft to me too!).  We just
had to keep one of Snicker's pups, and
Mr. Green is the man! 
We are glad to welcome into our family
Flashback Back in Black - "Onyx"!


We are thrilled with all of the new owners of Flashback puppies!!! 

The love between puppy and owners was evident from the very first moment. 

Enjoy the journey, and GOOD LUCK!!!

Les, Linda, Snicker and Onyx
 and Meg, Kona too!