"Onyx" - Flashback Back in Black CGC  

Flashback Flat-Coated Retrievers

Introducing the 2008 Flashback Litter

November 2008

Onyx and Toke attended a seminar together (with Linda and Sara too!)

Onyx enjoys the dog park!


October 2008

I'm sorry, this is not the same trail we hiked yesterday???


I'm exhausted!

What the heck is this white stuff?

It's cold!  It sticks to my feet!

OK, its something new to sniff
while I pee.

Linda and Onyx also visited Linda's Dad in Presque Isle, WI.  Onyx loves ski trails!!!

Onyx (and Linda too!) wore blaze orange while out hiking the trails.


Linda and Onyx went to Eagle River, WI to visit Cindy and Jim and to play with Izzie!


September 2008


Miss Toke came to visit brother Onyx and mom Snicker today!

Onyx and Toke were a blur as they chased each other through the back yard


August 2008

Onyx spent part of the day at the park today. 

Check out a video at YouTube - Onyx August 17 2008


July 2008

Onyx had a chance to go swimming at Carl's Lake today.  This was his first water experience
outside the kiddie pool, and he loved it.  No hesitation, he swam out to
pick up the stick and brought it back!

Ready, Set, GO!!!

Future Dock Diving Dog!


Onyx's first raw meal, he gulped it down!

Onyx thinks it pretty special to be able to clean out
the dog food pan with Mom!

Wow, Toke came to visit today to meet
Cindy and Jim and to say goodbye to Izzie

It's going to be a bit lonely at first, but I'll be OK!