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Flashback Flat-Coated Retrievers


Introducing the Flashback Litter!

2007 Mick

Mick 2006

Mick 2005

December 2008


Mick, the therapy dog!

November 2008


Mick and Luna enjoying a play date!


October 2008

Mick's *New Champion* Show picture from the March Chintimini Kennel Club Show in Albany, OR

August 2008

Patsy got a really cute toy at the show today, she is aware of the rule around home that all toys belong to me,
but had the hope of actually getting to play with this one.  I had other ideas.

“Look, she might be falling asleep,
I know she really likes this toy”

 “Sweet, she fell asleep!”


“I knew it!  Mick is such a brat!!! I want my toy back
and WHY am I wearing these stupid panties???”

“What? I didn’t do anything wrong…”

Mick with his pretty princess toy, I mean Patsy's toy.  :)

Mick and Patsy sharing an ice cream cone

July 2008

Mick had an opportunity to meet and play with Luna!  They had a great time!


May 2008


Mick and Patsy playing in
the kiddie pool

Mick and Patsy enjoying the tulips!

April 2008


Mick 2007

Mick 2006

Mick 2005